Bohmian Dynamics and Open Quantum Systems (QuDOS):

The research in our group is mainly focused on developing new models and paradigms, used to analyze, describe and explain problems from the condensed matter physics and the atomic, molecular and optical physics at a deeper (or alternative) level of understanding than they are at present. To do so, we resort to the field of the Foundations of Quantum Mechanics, which provides us with the appropriate tools: on the one hand, the Theory of Open Quantum Systems, to deal with complex systems, and on the other hand, Bohmian Mechanics, to investigate quantum systems (and, by extension, other physical wave-based processes and phenomena) from a different perspective to the standard one.  The research so far developed has been gathered together in the monograph “Trajectory Description of Quantum Processes” [I,II] , which consists of two volumes published in the Springer series Lecture Notes in Physics.

Sanz and Miret-Artés, Trajectory Description of Quantum Processes.

I. Fundamentals, Lecture Notes in Physics 850 (Springer, Berlin, 2012); Trajectory Description of Quantum Processes. 

II Applications, Lecture Notes in Physics 831 (in press, 2013).


Figure: Quantum caves. A Hydrodynamical view of two wave packets interferente in the complex plane. Stalagties and stalagmites (nodal and stagnation tubes.